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Invisibility spell
Unprepared for a lesson? Dreading being called upon to speak in class? Chant the following while staring directly at the teacher:
"God and Goddess hear my need
and understand why I must plead
for magic shafts of astral light
to hide me from this teacher's sight.
I haven't done the work, you see
so please don't let them pick on me
guide them to a mind so bright
they'll surely find the answers right

Anoint two candles with lemon oil and light them.
Take citrine quartz, anoint with lemon oil also, and place in front of the candles so that the candlelight shines on it.
Chant the following:

"Charge the stone with candlelight
to fill my mind with wisdom bright,
To keep my mind alert and clear
so that no bane can interfere,
With the process of my brain
so what I read is knowledge gained,
For all my life to stay with me this is my will,
so mote it be! ".
Let the candles burn and charge the stone while you study. Keep the stone with you when you need to give papers, take exams or study.

School spell for a good grade on a test
Light candle of any colour, preferably yellow, green, or blue.
Get out a piece of paper.
As you're gazing into the candle, chant:

"Oh Goddess and God of old,
Help me to write on this paper bold,
For only me to see,
Help this paper remind me!
So mote it be!"
Draw a pentagram on the paper like you usually would, starting at the top.
On the very top point draw the rune of Jera.
The top right draw the rune of Ansuz.
Bottom right draw rune of Mannaz.
Bottom left draw rune of Hagall.
Top left draw rune of Gifu.
Imagine your energies pouring into the paper and fold five times. Snuff out the candle and than the goddess.
Keep the paper in contact with your Skin at all times.

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